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>25th January 2007
eLanguages creative collaboration for teachers globally
Welcome to this month's eLanguages newsletter.
eLanguages ( has been developed by the UK's Department for Education and Skills (DfES) to support international collaboration for teachers globally. It’s absolutely free to use and as a registered eLanguages user you can start building your online project straight away - you have up to 100MB of web space for each project. You don’t need to wait until you have a partner. You can also join projects already up-and-running and looking for new partners.
Additionally, you can build up your 'Hello Page' to showcase to the world yourself, your classes, your school and your town, which will help potential eLanguages partners get an idea about who you are, where you teach and the kind of projects you'd like to do. This is also the place to say what languages you speak and what countries you want to partner with. Why not get your students to help you with your Hello Page... you could include on the page pictures that your students have taken of your school, web links they have found about your town or region, text they have written about their interests.
Go to to see just how simple it is to present yourself, your school and your work on the web!
If you're looking for a partner school in another country to start an eLanguages project with we can help with that too. There are plenty of registered eLanguages teachers all over the world who are looking for partners and hoping to hear from you. See our automatic eLanguages Partner Match below for a full list of eLanguages teachers, with contact details, who match your preferences. Why not contact them right now and take the first step to building a rewarding international school partnership?
Important - To view your hello page you must be logged in. When you are not logged in and when you click on the link "view your hello page", the system will return an authorisation error. Insert your accountname and password and the system will direct you to your hello page. View your hello page.
In your eLanguages newsletter this month...
Did you know...?
Do you know what proportion of the world's population who are not native English language speakers can speak even the most basic English?

Is it 20%, 50% or 80%? Find out the answer next month!
Model Project
Our world - an example of how powerful eLanguages projects can be. Designed as a fun and imaginative project with the capacity to use different forms of presenting data, this project enables students to explore and compare facts about their own school with those of their partner school. Using surveys, on-line chat forums and poll questions they can analyse the data and present the information using graphs/charts, finishing by producing a visual PowerPoint presentation. Why not use this project or its resources in your own lessons? Our World project
New Project of the Month
Knowing cultures around the World - Through describing the place where they live, the typical foods and the environment, 8 - 15 year old students can share information about their own country and culture, while building their research and reporting skills. Elizabeth Pileggi in Brazil is looking for partner schools from all over the world so get in touch and join the Knowing cultures around the World project. Alternatively you could use this format to build a similar project using your own language. Knowing cultures around the World Elizabeth Pillegi's profile page
Vote in our poll
Each month, our newsletter contains a poll, allowing us to find out more about eLanguages teachers and the kind of things they want. Click on the following link to view this month's question and vote. How confident do you feel about using the eLanguages system?
Tip of the Month
If you want to put up a lot of pictures of your school, your students or any project related images you have why not use the Gallery tool.
The gallery tool enables you to share a batch of images in a stylish way. To use the Gallery tool, make sure you are logged in and in edit mode and then click on the Add resource icon. Next, click on the gallery icon and complete the required areas.

This function enables you to scale your images and reduce the file size automatically, meaning that your images will display much more quickly as a result.

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