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Welcome to eLanguages

If you are a member of, participant of Doors to Diplomacy or CyberFair project and looking for a safe, secure, easy-to-use space to share your project work online, then you have come to the right place.

With up to 100MB of space for each project, you can share movies, podcasts, photos, galleries, web links, polls, forums, documents, presentations and more. These can be created or sourced by you and your students.

Project partners from around the world can Join your project, or you can join any of the eLanguages projects. Once approved by project owners, you can contribute, collaborate and learn together.

We are looking forward to seeing your projects on eLanguages,

The eLanguages team

Steps to get started:

Step 1: Register for an account, it's free

Fill in the eLanguages member registration form. 

Create your Account


Step 2: Start your project or join a project

Once you receive your login details you can start or join projects on eLanguages:

Start a new project

Find a project to join


Step 3: Upload content on your project page

eLanguages is easy-to-use. Userguides are available and explain how to add resources to your project page and how to use eLanguages or improve your project pages.

eLanguages user guides


Step 4: Update your project details in the Project Registry

Fro the time being you wil have to update your project details manually in the project registry on

Now your project has been created you can add a link to your project page on

  1. Copy (Ctrl+C) your project web address on eLanguages from the address bar. You can use number or project title:
  2. Open Projects Registry on GlobalSchoolNet;
  3. Add (Paste Ctrl+V) project link to your project information;
  4. Make sure you test the link before saving.

Further recommendations

Update your profile

We recommend you update your Hello Page. This will improve your changes of finding teachers who want to join your project or teachers to accept you to take part in their projects.

Step 5: Invite project partners to join your project on eLanguages

Once you created your project, you can use the send email link on your project page to inform other teachers about your project and invite them to join. Non members will have to register first.

Questions about eLanguages

At any time you can contact the eLangauges team. They are available to help you wiht any queries regarding your account or questions you have about your project.


Contact the eLanguages Team


What is iPoPP and have joined forces to offer educators iPoPP, a state-of-the-art, worldwide e-learning platform, for multi-lingual, project-driven collaboration. iPoPP is the center of expertise for constructivist learning methodology, collaborative learning and future thinking strategies in education and career development with strong links to leadership and project management principles.

Together we:

  1. Are experts in online project collaboration and e-learning (since 1984);
  2. Connect 120.000 teachers from 194 countries;
  3. Manage global school competitions and awared schemes;
  4. Provide unique evaluation, peer-review and assessment for learning components;
  5. Work closely with companies and governments to deliver sustainable education programmes.

For more information please contact:



Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres
is Global SchoolNet's executive director, co-founder and visionary.

Email Yvonne


Ralph Genang
is eLanguages' founder and visionary.

Email Ralph

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