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>eLanguages newsletter November 2008

eLanguages newsletter November 2008

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of the eLanguages newsletter. Read on to find out about a special visitor to a recent eLanguages workshop, new projects involving Bulgaria, India, Oman, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE and the UK, a new project toolkit and a series of upcoming eLanguages workshops.
Prince Charles visits eLanguages workshop in Indonesia
Prince of Wales visits Pondok Pesantren Krapyak Islamic school, Indonesia
The teachers and students at Pondok Pesantren Krapyak Islamic school in Indonesia had a special visitor to their eLanguages workshop earlier this month. Prince Charles, on a tour of the country, took time to make what was his first visit to an Islamic school. The Prince learned about the Islamic Schools Support Network (ISSN) and how the team at the British Council are using eLanguages to connect 50 Indonesian schools and give them the opportunity to engage in international projects. Visit the project page to meet the Indonesian teachers and join the wonderful projects they've created: - Join Unique Places In My Town - Join Exchanging Traditional Food Recipes - Join My Lovely Ramadhan
New projects to join
Animal Adventures A project for children to discover different animals around the world and to look at local animals, creepy crawlies and pets. By finding out about world wildlife and using their discoveries the contributors produce work based on these animals including writing and art. - Join Animal Adventures
River art from DPS Refinery, Panipat, India
Rivers of the World This project is for children around the world to learn about rivers in their own country and across the globe. Teachers in India, Bulgaria, Romania and Indonesia have already joined, and some colourful and creative work has already been shared. Yogesh Singli, a teacher in India, had this to say: “…this is such a beautiful project, which has not only made studying geography interesting for children but has also given them an opportunity to learn about rivers in their own country and across the globe. In addition it wonderfully connected English, Creative writing and Art.” - Join Rivers of the World
Swiss German primary schools Teachers from six Swiss German speaking primary schools would like to develop partnerships and projects with UK schools. Their students have been learning English for five years. - Connect with Swiss German primary schools
How do you Celebrate Christmas? Teachers would like to exchange ideas for decorations, recipes, songs and customs - and then try them out in the classroom! - Join How do you Celebrate Christmas?
Oman workshop The British Council in Oman recently ran an eLanguages workshop for teachers there. If you are interested in linking with a school in Oman, you can contact the eLanguages team, or join and contribute to the projects that the teachers have created. - Join Save water with us - Join Explore Geographical Features of Oman and UK
تكنولوجيا المعلومات في المعهد العلمي الإسلامي - عجمان المشروع عبارة عن ورشة عمل حول استخدام تكنولوجيا المعلومات في العملية التعليمية في المعهد العلمي الإسلامي بعجمان "الإمارات العربية المتحدة"بالتعاون مع المجلس الثقافي البريطاني في كل من لندن وأبو ظبي و بدعم من مدير المعهد الأستاذ/ حسين معين الحوسني و توجيه اللغة الإنجليزية بمنطقة عجمان التعليمية.و سوف تستمر ورشة العمل لمدة ثلاثة أسابيع.و قد تم تقسيم مدرسي المعهد إلى مجموعات" كل مجموعة من 6 إلى 8 حيث تنفذ كل مجموعة الورشة التدريبية في أيام محددة. Teachers form the Scientific Islamic Institute in Ajman in United Arab Emirates have been taking part in a workshop on the use of ICT in education. If you are interested in linking with the teachers you can post a message on the project discussion forum or click on their 'hello page' and click on the 'send me a message' link to send a private message. - Join تكنولوجيا المعلومات في المعهد العلمي الإسلامي - عجمان
Project Toolkit
Project Toolkit
We've added a project toolkit to the site. Created in partnership with an advisor from CILT, the National Centre for Languages, we hope this will provide useful guidance on how to set up and run successful international projects using ICT and eLanguages. The toolkit includes information on safety and copyright issues that we urge all our users to take the time to read. There's also a project notebook you can download to help capture and focus your ideas. Read the Project Toolkit
As you’ve read, in recent weeks there have been a range of eLanguages workshops taking place in Indonesia, Oman and UAE. Over the coming months there will also be workshops taking place in Leeds, Kingston, Cornwall and Derbyshire for teachers in England. Contact us if you’d like to attend any of these four workshops or if you’d like to discuss arranging a workshop in your region. If you have teaching colleagues involved in international work who you think would benefit from learning more about eLanguages, why not invite them to register and join in? Perhaps you could even consider running your own workshop for them? It could be a good professional development opportunity and perfect way to share your experience of international school project work. We’d be delighted to help you organise and provide workshop materials. If you'd like more information about our workshops contact us.
Get a project space to share your partnership work
If you have a school link, and need somewhere to store your project work safely online, you can do this on eLanguages. We can create a new page for you and give you instructions on what to do next. Once you have got started we can also offer support on how to upload resources, and communicate via your page. Take a look at these examples: - Ernesford Grange College and New Era Senior Secondary School project page . - Gartree - HAPS project space. Contact us if you'd like more information.
Terms of use
And finally, please take time to read through our updated terms of use, which clearly define the roles and responsibilities of members of the elanguages community. Read our terms of use.

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