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>Eating my alphabets

Eating my alphabets


Teaching students the alphabets according to the fruits and vegetables .. and to encourage them for eating healthy food.

Age range
6 - 7
Seham Shehabi
Project stage
In progress
Last update
15 years ago
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Stage 5:Adding voice to the fruit slide

Using sound recorder to record the fruit's letter and name and add it to the PowerPoint slide.

Stage 4:Writing the initial letter of each fruit

Using MS PowerPoint to insert the picture of (fruit or vegetable) that was drawn in Paint then write its initial letter.

Stage 3:Drawing fruits & vegetables

using Paint program to draw a simple picture for each type of fruits and vegetables that was learned in the previous stages.

Stage 2:building a relation between students & fruits.

teaching the students the English letters according to the initial letters of fruits and vegetables name.

Stage 1: recognizing the healthy food.

students have to distinguish between the good food and junk food by showing them some pictures of food and ask them if it's good to eat or not.

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