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How do I get started?

If you're new to the site, the first step is to apply to join. Once you have received your login details you can then tell other teachers about yourself, look for projects to join and schools to connect with or start your own project and invite others to participate.

Step 1: Register

Register now

Step 2: Find a partner

Look for a partner as soon as your registration has been approved. The find partnership page is a good starting point. Alternatively you can join an existing eLanguages project. Look for projects with a "Join" link. The third option is to propose your own project and wait for others to join your project.

Find a partner

Find a project

Start a new project

Step 3: Build your project

On your project page you will find a detailed help system explaining how to add your content and how to communicate with your partners. We encourage you to keep your projects simple. Don't make life too complicated - simply exchanging lesson materials or students' work adds tremendous value to your lessons and will positively stimulate your students to participate and contribute.

Your projects

What happens when your project is finished?

When you've completed all the project stages you have set for yourselves, you can close your project and submit a final evaluation. We recommend that you keep your project a manageable length at say six weeks or two months. Better to do three tight, targeted, small projects than a single large sprawling one.

Once your project has been completed it will be reviewed by an expert teacher. Outstanding projects will be highlighted on the site.

There are plenty of further steps you can take on completion of your project:

  • Find out how to extend your partnership
  • Find other places to showcase your work
  • Find out how to gain recognition for your international work
  • And, of course, begin another eLanguages project!