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Why do teachers use eLanguages?

eLanguages projects provide a perfect framework to develop your international school activities. They enable you to work in partnership with schools around the world and help your students become confident global learners.

eLanguages provides teachers with a tool to:

  • Establish project links with schools in foreign countries and and bring the international dimension to life for your class
  • Share a variety of resources and classroom materials in your own project space of up to 100Mb
  • Share and re-use thousands of digital resources with teachers and pupils from many countries
  • Motivate pupils by placing their work on the world stage and embarking on exciting interactive projects with pupils from other countries
  • Develop key ICT, communication and language skills among pupils and increase cultural awareness

In the UK and selected other countries, your eLanguages project work counts towards your application for the International School Award (DCSF ISA), an accreditation scheme which recognises schools which are working to build a global dimension into their curriculum.

The eLanguages team is on hand to offer support every step of the way. We can help you find partners and projects, give technical support and advice on ICT tools, and also provide guidance on developing your project ideas. We've also made a series of short and easy to understand help guides that you can follow at your own pace.

You can also contact us about arranging teacher training workshops in your region.

Let's explain how to get started.