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Confirm action

This message is displayed whenever the requested action will fundamentally change some data on the system where the change cannot be easily reversed. This is most likely to occur when deleting records from the database that will need to be re-entered from scratch if the deletion was made in error. You are prompted to either cancel the request (and return to the previous page) or confirm the operation. After confirmation the browser will be redirected to an appropriate page.

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Object not found

This message is displayed whenever a request is made for a database record that no longer exists on the system (or never existed). All other aspects of the request will be correct, i.e.there will be the correct number and type of parameters. Likely causes of this error and solutions are:

User attempts to craft a request in the address bar.
Do not attempt to craft URLs for yourself, follow links that appear on the site.
The object identifier refers to a record that has previously been deleted from the system.
This can occur when you use the browser's back button or history to navigate to previously visited page or where a link has been sent via email to another person. Again use the site's own navigation links in preference to the history list stored within your browser.
One of the internal navigation links is incorrect.
Please inform us about the error and we will correct it for other users.
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Database dependency error

This error can occur when records are being deleted from the system. It indicates that the record selected for deletion has other dependent records which must first be deleted before the request can be completed. This is the system way of saying that carrying out the operation would leave the system in an inconsistent state. You must remove all dependent records before you can complete this operation.

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Bad or missing script parameter

This message indicates that a required script parameter was either missing from the submitted URL or that the parameter had an incorrect format.

You mistyped the URL in the browser's address bar.
Check the spelling and format of all the parameters submitted or use the sites own navigation links.
One of the internal navigation links is incorrect.
Please report any broken links and we will correct them as quickly as possible to minimise inconvenience to other users.
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Locked resource

This message indicates that the requested object has been locked for user input.

Discussion system
New threads can not be created within a forum, new postings cannot be added to a thread, or, existing ones edited.
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Authorisation error

The system contains an access control mechanism which operates at two levels and ensures that only users with appropriate permissions are able to perform administrative tasks or manipulate system objects. The two levels are:

Script access

Certain parts of the system software (which we refer to as scripts), can only be run by user accounts with administrative privileges. Examples of scripts with this restriction include those which handle the approval of user accounts and the addition of new system languages. This ensures that only properly authorised users can carry out operations which can effect the system as a whole. Other scripts do not require that restrictions are placed on users because running them has been deemed safe for all categories of users. Attempts to run one of the reserved administrative scripts without the appropriate permissions will always cause the user to be redirected to this error message.

Resource access

Resource access refers to specific user generated data or resources (pages, files, images etc.), over which we wish to restrict certain types of access. For example, the creator of a particular page resource may wish to allow only a small group of users to view that page. This form of access control allows READ, WRITE, CHANGE, DELETE and ADMIN permissions to be set for all user generated resources. Further information on the subject can be resource permissions can be found in the resource HOWTO.Resource HOWTO.

In both cases you can use the system login facility to login to the system with an account that has the appropriate scripts or resource access permissions.

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Page not found (404 error)

This message indicates that the requested page could not be found on the server. There are two possible causes for this error:

Incorrect link on the system
This error can be caused by an incorrect navigation link on the site pointing to a page that has either been removed or renamed. If this is the case please contact us and we will correct the link as soon as possible so that other users are not inconvenienced in the same manner.
Malformed user-generated URL
This error can be caused when a user enters an incorrect URL in the browser address bar. If you reached this error message after attempting to craft the URL yourself, check the spelling of the script name you entered and resubmit the request or use the system's built-in navigation to find the page you are after.
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System error

This error message indicates that an system error has occurred. The error is probably the result of a programming bug and is unlikely to be connected with your use of the site. When these errors occur the system will send a diagnostic message to an admistrator so there is not need to contact us with details of the problem. We will endeavour to fix this problem as quickly as possible. If you need further information on the cause of the error or to track the status of a fix you should email the site administrator quoting the reference number that accompanies the message.

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Access key assignment

Standard assignments

ALT key + Action
SSkip navigation
0Accessibility statement (this page)
2What's New
8Terms and Conditions

Site-specific key assignments

ALT key + Action
TToggle between "live" and "editing" mode
NNext page
BBack a page
WPage Watch
PPrint page
EEmail page
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