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Registration HOWTO


Registration is the start of the process of creating a user account within the system. Once registered a user can have access to the full capabilities of the system and can start to create and share resources through it.


The registration form is split into three sections which are used to identify different users on the system, their preferences for partnerships and, lastly, the school or organisation they work for.

Personal details

Data that relates directly to you and which is used to control your access to the system and to enable us to contact you directly.

account name
The account name is used in conjunction with your password to gain access to the system. You should use a memorable word or phrase with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 character.
Your firstname.
Your lastname.
An email address through which you can be contacted.
confirm email
We ask you to confirm your email to ensure that you didn't mistype it. The email address is required by the system to send you information concerning your account.
A daytime telephone number we can contact you on.
job title/position
Your job title or position within the organisation.
interface language
Select a language you would like to use the system in.

Partnership details

Data used to identify suitable partners within the system for project work.

Select the languages that you speak. This data will help to identify suitable partnerships
Select one or more countries you would consider suitable for a partnership arrangement.
subscribe to the newsletter
The newsletter will keep you abreast of developments on the eLanguages platform and inform you of partnership opportunities that match your preferences.

Organisation details

Data used to check the identify of applicants.

school name
The name of the school or other organisation that you work for
school type
Select the category that best describes the school you work for. This information will be used to help identify teachers who might form a suitable partnership as part of our partner finder system.
The name someone within this organisation, preferably the principal or headteacher, who will vouch for you.
The full postal address for your school.
address code
The postal address code for your school.
Select the country.
school telephone
A telephone number for contacting the school.
school email address
An email address for contacting the school or headteacher.
school website
The URL of the school's website.

Registration FAQ

Why do we check your details?

It is important for child protection reasons that accounts on the system are only issued to people working in recognised educational establishments.

How long does the process take?

If you provide us with all the school details we should be able to e-mail your account details within four working days. It might be helpful if you inform your head teacher about your application and explain to her or him that someone from the eLanguages Team will contact the school to check the details.

Do I receive a confirmation of my application?

Yes. A on-screen message will appear after you submit your details to indicate the success or failure of the process. In addition, an email confirmation message will be dispatched straight away and should arrive in your email inbox within a couple of minutes. Keep this email for your reference.

What should I do when I don't receive the confirmation email?

Can I use eLanguages between registering for an account and receiving the account information?

You are free to browse all the eLanguages pages and gather ideas for your project by reading through other projects. You cannot join a project or contribute resources until you have received your password.

Can I edit my registration details?

You will be able to edit some of the details you submitted via your hello page. Some details cannot be changed for system security purposes.

What should I do if I haven't received a password after four days?

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